Midnight in Paris

***Spoiler Alert***

Midnight in Paris, a beautiful romantic comedy set in the most intoxicating city in the world, Paris.  The film is written and directed by Woody Allen and stars an incredible cast of influential actors and actresses.  While the film is not shown in every theater, if you care enough to see the movie, you will drive to a theater that is showing the film.  My first introduction to this film was a trailer I happened upon a few months before the film was released.  What drew me to this film after watching the trailer, was the small hint of events taking place at midnight.  The events seemed reminiscent of life in the 1920’s!

Midnight in Paris:  Influential actors, enchanting city,  mystical happenings!

Finally the day was here where I was going to go see Midnight in Paris with my husband, and Mr.and Mrs. Washington Ave.  While I was entranced with the film, I soon found out that my friends were unfortunately not as keen on it as I was.  You see, the movie is somewhat of a mystery…I will explain!


Gil (Owen Wilson) is engaged to Inez (Rachel McAdams).  They find themselves in Paris with Inez’s parents, who were visiting on business.  While Gil is entranced with the city and all that it has to over, as well as what history lies within its cobblestone steps, Inez cares little about it and prefers to live in a mansion in Malibu.

Gil is trying to write a novel and is looking for inspiration in the city.  He believes that the best time to have lived was ‘Paris in the 1920’s in the rain.’  (Hmmm, sounds like me).  Inez dislikes that he is wanting to give-up his big-paying job as a script writer to write a novel, and she is not sure what he sees in Paris.

While on a lonely stroll back to the hotel one evening, Gil gets lost.  Fortunately for him, as the clock strikes midnight, a Crossley pulls up.  While confused, he decides to get into the old-time car and is immediately introduced to F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda.  Gil seems to be in Paris in the 1920’s, but how is that possible?  Throughout his midnight journey he visits parties and speakeasies and meets Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein; amongst others.  He is not sure how he got to the twenties, but he does not care.

Throughout a series of evenings in the ‘roaring twenties’ he encounters a beautiful young lover and muse to many famous artists, Adriana.  Gil finds himself immediately attracted to her at the same time he is questioning his love for Inez.  There is only one problem; while Gil is escaping his life to go back in time to what he believes to be the highlight of society, Adriana is doing the same.

Along his journey into Paris in the 1920’s, he realizes he needs to make a change in his life.  Gil eventually breaks-up with Inez and decides to stay in Paris to live, write, and walk in the rain.


I loved the endless possibilities and humor in this film.  In some way I felt as if I could relate.  I have always said that I think I was a flapper-girl in a previous life, because I have this connection to the era that I cannot extract myself from.

While the film never hinted at how Gil got to the 1920’s, hence the mystery, I did not care to know.  Midnight in Paris was a romantic, artistic film about living life in peace, and finding your life enchanting along the way.  Having the fine details come to life and the answers out there, the film would not be the work of art that it is.

I praise Woody Allen for Midnight in Paris, and thank him for such a beautiful and humorous film, set in the city of love, and in the era of my dreams.

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