What I Did For Chocolate…

I have never thought of myself as someone who is obsessed with chocolate.  While I love it, especially dark chocolate, I do not have to have it on a daily basis.  Apparently I have been hiding my obsession deep within because Chocolate got me out of bed at 4:45am on a Saturday morning to run in 27 degree temperatures, ugh!

Back in November I had the brilliant idea to Run for Chocolate!  A lovely 5k around Valentine’s Day in which Ghiradelli Chocolate is served to you as you cross the threshold of the finish line.  Sounds pretty nice right?  It was nice until the day was nearing and the details came-out.

First of all living in Fort Worth we had to drive to Fair Park, Dallas on a Friday evening, in rush hour, after working all day, just to pick up my packet.  This included a $10 parking fee.  Then the following morning, while waking-up to a 4:45am alarm, I get an e-mail from the run warning about hypothermia because the temperatures were to be in the mid-twenties with a “feels like 17 degrees” warning.  Oh I could not wait, it was going to be so much fun.  I won’t hide the truth, I was mad and wanted to forfeit my money and climb back into bed.

Needless to say I got ready, grabbed a bottle of water, and left for my adventure.  Washington Ave and myself, along with  her mother-in-law, were all tired and wondering what the heck we were doing on our dark drive into the far end of Dallas.

We made sure to cover-up with hats, gloves, and more than one jacket before leaving the cozy car.  We braved the elements and put smiles on our faces as we watched a beautiful ‘fire’ of a sunrise.

I expected the ‘Sold Out’ Hot Chocolate Run to have many people not show, but the streets were cramped. Apparently Chocolate is worth doing crazy thinks for, especially when it is Ghiradelli.

We waited impatiently for the race to begin and we were finally off, trying to defrost our numb fingers, toes, and cheeks.  I was hoping to run the fastest I ever have in order to get finished and get warm, but the bitter cold took my energy away from me and I had a very difficult time running.  I of course stuck through it and we passed the finish line with an approximate 32 minute 5k time.  Washington Ave, you are a much faster runner than myself, sorry if I kept you from your full-speed.  :)

As soon as we crossed that finish line we made a b-line for the bathroom, and then THE CHOCOLATE.  Finally our reward was in sight, Ghiradelli Chocolate Fondue filled to the limit and Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows.

We found a spot to sit on the floor and devoured everything.  My favorite was the rice crispie treat and the cocoa.  Washington Ave. was so happy that she even dipped her chocolate truffle bar into the chocolate fondue.  I suggested putting the chocolate dipped chocolate into the hot chocolate, but apparently that was going overboard. Ha!  We were very close to getting in line for seconds, but my gosh no.  We had already been gluttons!  We were done, tired, and ready to go home.

So it is determined that running for Chocolate is a definite, but I am not sure I will be running again next year.  Too cold, too expensive, too far away!


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3 thoughts on “What I Did For Chocolate…

  1. I ran a 5-K yesterday in about the same weather conditions (about 29 degrees when the wind wasn’t blowing!)…definitely not the most fun I’ve ever had running. I wish they had chocolate for us though!

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