The Grapefruit Rickey

One of my favorite cocktails is a simple grapefruit drink from Fireside Pies in the West 7th district of Fort Worth.  It is delightfully refreshing and low in calories and sugar.  While the drink has few ingredients I can never make it taste the same when I try at home…until this time.


While running errands yesterday I stopped in for a salad and cocktail lunch at Fireside Pies.  A Grapefruit Rickey was of course my drink of choice.  This time I made sure to ask the bartender exactly what makes theirs so great.

Later last night I gave it a try…

First I juiced half of a grapefruit and half of a lime.

IMG_0676Then I measured half an ounce of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and an ounce and a half of vodka.

IMG_0678The grapefruit juice, lime juice, elderflower, and vodka were then shaken in a boston martini shaker with an ounce and a half of tonic water.

Shaken, strained, garnished with grapefruit…

IMG_0685Not too bad if I do say so!  It wasn’t exactly like the one at Fireside Pies, but it was the closest I have had.

The perfect spring night cocktail!

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2 thoughts on “The Grapefruit Rickey

  1. I love grapefruits! I like the idea of making a rickey with this flavor profile. I would try using equal parts grapefruit and lime juice. Half a grapefruit seems a little much. If your looking to add a more pronounded grapefruit experience, try a dash or two of grapefruit bitters. NIce blog!

  2. It’s the magical square ice cubes that make it taste so good.. that and someone else making it for you ;) Every drink I’ve ever had from there is delicious!

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